The 2017-2018 BAUS Executive

Ben Palmer



Ben is a longtime Frederictonian, having been involved in the Fredericton business community from an early age. While entering his third year, pursuing an honours in marketing and dual concentrations in finance and entrepreneurship, Ben sits on the New Brunswick Teachers Association Credit Union Board of Directors and works as Entrepreneurial Program Assistant at Ignite Fredericton performing research under the Investment Attraction and Foreign Direct Investment portfolio.

Within the University he is also making his mark. In addition to serving as a Peer Mentor for incoming BBA students, Ben sits on the Faculty of Business Administration's Faculty Council, Teaching & Learning, and UNB's Senate Curriculum Committee. 


Gill Miller


VP External

Gill is a tenacious go-getter, born and raised in the port city of Saint John, N.B. With her passion for helping others to reach their potential, she is entering her second term as VP External for the BAUS. Gill likes to get involved and to try new things often. She's been to China on a trade mission promoting local businesses, sat on MP Matt DeCourcey's Youth Council, is entering her second year as a peer mentor, and has worked with two companies in the Fredericton start-up community. Entering her fourth year at UNB, Gill is pursuing an honours in marketing and a concentration in international business.

When she isn't busy with work, school, and extra-curriculars, you can usually find her planning her next travel destination. Gill can't wait to continue helping students in the faculty get hands on experience at conferences and competitions all across Canada.


Chantal Beriault


VP Finance

Born and raised in Quebec City, Chantal is an ambitious student with a can-do attitude. Formerly VP Marketing, she will be taking on a second term on the BAUS now as VP Finance. She is also the Porter House Leader for the faculty’s peer mentoring program, and was elected as your Business Faculty Representative for the UNBSU. Chantal is entering her fourth and final year of the BBA program where she will complete her double honours in Accounting and Finance as well as minors in both Economics and Sociology.

Throughout her numerous extracurriculars, she has maintained her spot on the dean’s list and has taken advantage of every opportunity that comes her way, including two travel abroad experiences and a co-op term. She is passionate about leadership and being supportive to those around her, and looks forward to helping students reach their potential! 




Mackenzie Taylor Scott


VP Internal

Born in Riverview, NB, MacKenzie is the youngest member on the executive team this year. Her passions lie in cooking, reading, yoga, and travel. During her first year at UNB, she had the opportunity of being the Jr. Director of Human Resources and now as she heads into year 2, she is very excited to take on the role of VP Human Resources. Bread with a heart and soul bread for HR, but plans on completing a double major in both HR and Marketing. 

If she could give one piece of advice to students, it would it would be to push your limits; you may surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish. Also, don't be scared to take a break away from the books for a little bit of fun. As important as your academics are, your time at university is limited, so ensuring you make the most of the entire experience is key. 


Corinne Trottier



VP Events

Corinne hails from rural Nova Scotia, growing up near the ocean in Parrsboro. Always goal oriented, Corinne found a passion for student leadership during her high school years which continued at UNB. As a Currie Scholar, member of the orientation team, peer mentor and executive member of the BAUS Corinne continues to feed her leadership and academic goals.

Entering her third year Corinne has declared a major in Finance with a concentration in Human Resources. With deep seeded values in family, true friendship, commitment and academic excellence, Corinne works tirelessly to share her passions with others and support relationship building with a particular focus on networking through events linking students to the greater Fredericton Business Community.


Madison Beairsto

VP Marketing

All the way from Ottawa, Ontario, Madison chose UNB Fredericton to obtain her business degree. She is currently working towards completing a major in Marketing, a minor in Economics, and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Madison has wasted no time by taking every opportunity to get involved in the campus community. Firstly, she joined her residence's House Committee which later lead to her being President of Lady Dunn Hall in her second year. She was MVP of Borden House in the business faculty due to her enthusiasm and competitive nature, aiding her team in winning the House Cup. She later became a Peer Mentor for Borden House.

Lastly, she first joined the BAUS in her first year as a Junior Director of Events with her colleague Corrine Trottier. From there she became the VP of Human Resources in her second year and is now the VP of Marketing in her third year.  Madison loves any opportunity to network and gain experience she can apply to her future career.