President Lula Azzahra Elected to CABS Board of Directors

BAUS President Lula Azzahra is already leading the society down the road of success. Within a month of her presidency, she applied for a board of directors position with the Canadian Association of Business Students also known as CABS.

The Canadian Association of Business Students is a not for profit organization that represents over 70,000 business students from 29 universities in Canada. They host a myriad of conferences and competitions like JDCC or JDCW, CBSC, CLR to help enhance business students' university experience and help them become leaders and business world ready.

UNB has been a member of CABS for only three years and until now have never had a BAUS president hold a board of directors position. Lula believes being with CABS gives us credibility and a spotlight at the national level. “As President, I wanted to advocate for my students as much as possible, this was one way that I could do so” states Lula.

The BoD meets once a month to discuss mandates, overall strategic planning and goals of CABS. “We have fiduciary responsibilities towards CABS, so we have to make sure to keep them in line” - Lula Azzhra

Each year CABS elects 4 representatives from the East, 4 from the West, 5 Alumni board members and two from the CABS leadership team. Lula was one of the four elected to represent eastern Canada out of five applying.

“Being a Board member can have many benefits, for example, having a better relationship with CABS can help us get better strategic advice, better network, and resources. Or another example, I brought up the issue that many CABS conferences outside of JDCC are exclusive to BSA leaders and not general business students, this resulted in them opening up CLR to BSA selected business students” - Lula Azzahra

Not only has Lula been representing the BAUS on the board of directors of CABS, she was also elected a position on the Finance Committee of CABS. Her responsibilities with the role include auditing the CABS budget and helping to keep their spending in line.

The BAUS is proud of Lula’s accomplishments to date and is excited for her to continue leading the society forward and bettering the BBA program here at UNB. Keep up the great work Lula!