Want to be a part of something great? Join the BAUS Executive team for the 2019/2020 school year.

Complete and submit your application package to Tilley Hall, Room 203 by no later than Friday, January 18th to be considered for next years BAUS executive.

Click here to download your application today!

If you have any questions please email BAUS@unb.ca for more info. 




The primary role of the president is to be the governing figure of the BAUS executive. They are responsible for delegating duties to other VP’s, corresponding with the Faculty and Board of Directors, and maintaining the relationship with the Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS). This role also will lead the strategic plan for the BAUS, while maintaining national standard governance practices.


The primary role of the VP Internal is to be responsible for internal affairs between the BAUS Executive, constituent societies, and the Faculty, while overseeing the coordination of any other members at large. They will also be responsible for hiring Directors and student Tutors, along with organizing the BAUS merchandise, and mentoring the Sales Director. 


The primary role of the VP Finance is to be responsible for handling all monetary issues affecting the BAUS. This includes keeping detailed records of all planned and actual expenditures, creating and maintaining strict financial governance practices such as budgets, ledgers, etc., and ensuring the long-term financial security of the BAUS. 


As one of the new roles on the BAUS, the primary role of the VP Academic is to manage BBA students involvement in all case competitions, conferences, and academic matters. This includes preparing delegates by practice of mock case materials, teaching proper conference etiquette, creating connections with mentors, maintaining a mentor database, and constantly seeking new case competitions and conferences for BAUS members to attend. They will also represent the student voice on the Faculty’s Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, manage the BAUS exam bank, and mentor the Case Prep Director. 


The primary role of the VP Events is to create, organize, and manage all social events for the benefit of BBA students. This includes brainstorming new and creative ways for students to socialize, while promoting interactions with local businesses and entrepreneurs. They will work alongside the VP Finance to make event budgets, work with the VP Marketing on promotion strategies for each event, and mentor the two Events Coordinators. 


The primary responsibilities of the new VP Corporate Relations role is to handle all sponsorship and corporate level relationships of the BAUS. Their responsibility is to increase the number and quality of any financial contributions made by partners, while strengthening corporate relationships.  Their scope also includes any charitable aspects related to the BAUS, including determining a yearly charity and aid in planning charity events. Please note, this position is non-elected and is chosen via interview.


The VP Marketing will be responsible for all promotion, communications, and visual appearance of the BAUS to students and other outside members. They will manage the BAUS brand through whatever medium it is presented (social media, website, posters, etc.) and is responsible for growing the digital audience of the BAUS. They will work closely with other VP’s to promote upcoming events, be the lead on all promotional strategies, and mentor the Social Media and Media Directors through the year. Please note, this position is non-elected and is chosen via interview.

Elections Schedule:

Monday, January 14th to Friday, January 18th: Application Week

Monday, January 21st to Friday, January 25th: Campaign Week

Monday, January 28th to Thursday, January 31st: Voting Period

Friday, February 1st: Voting Polls Calculated

Monday, February 4th: Election Winners Announced, Interviews for Hired Positions Begin

The Chief Returning Officer is Shannon Gallagher. If you have any questions about the election or voting process, please email her at Shannon.Gallagher@unb.ca.