Let's get a head start.

Everyone knows that experience is crucial when applying for jobs. With local and national opportunities, programs, and initiatives, that help you bulk up your resume, we've curated a stellar list to help navigate the best ways to spend your extra time.




Enactus is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. Rewrite New Brunswick’s story by establishing a new culture of entrepreneurial change.


UNB Co-Curricular Program

Showcase your whole university experience! The Co-Curricular Program (CCP) is based around six themes: Career Development, Global & Cultural Awareness, Personal Development, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Civic/Social Responsibility and Proudly UNB. The Program is self-paced and can be completed throughout your time at UNB.


PDC Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassador Program students are immersed into the world of entrepreneurship and social change as a mindset, an approach, and as a potential future career path. Students build their personal and professional networks by interacting with leaders who are at the forefront of real-world change, within New Brunswick and internationally.


Venture For Canada

Venture for Canada is a not-for-profit that recruits, trains and supports top recent graduates to work at Canadian startups in need of talent, with the mission of fostering entrepreneurship.Fellows spend two years working at one of our partner startups, where they gain the skills, network and experience necessary to launch their own firms.


All Clubs & Societies at UNB

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