Tutor Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must be approved by the Faculty prior to employment.
  • Will provide supplementary teaching assistance to UNB students.
  • Must respect and maintain student confidentiality.
  • Maintain records/proof of tutoring activities.


  • BAUS Tutors will be paid an hourly rate of $11 per hour.
  • Period of Employment: Sunday, January 21st to Saturday, April 14th, 2018
  • Hours: 1.5 Hours per week
  • All payments will be processed via; Tutors are responsible for submitting their hours for payment as per the deadlines stipulated by that system.


  • Must submit a completed  application form.
  • Must have a faculty member submit an endorsement on your behalf.
    • Have them send an email to including their name, your name in the subject line, and whether or not they endorse you as a tutor. 
  • The BAUS Office will provide all forms to the Dean’s Office for endorsement by October 6th 2017.
  • The BAUS will contact students to confirm the status of their application – students not endorsed by the Faculty are not eligible to tutor.


Name *
If you have interest in tutoring more than one course subject, please state so in the comment box at the end of the application.
Please list any relevant courses or tutoring expereince you have, or any other skills you posses that you believe are necessary for a tutor.
Faculty Endorsement *
Please have a faculty member send us their endorsement of you as a student for a tutoring position to the following email: * Please ensure they state your name in the subject line of the email. * Faculty memeber does not have to have taught you a course relevant to that in which you are looking to tutor. * I acknowlegde my application is considered incomplete if the BAUS does not receive an endoresement from a faculty memeber on my behalf.
Any other information that you think is relevant to this application may be written here. Ex. Other volunteer responsiblities, work responsibilities, etc.